Sifu Douglas-Reid is available for both workshops and ongoing classes for children, teens and young adults.  The format of the classes will vary depending upon the maturity of the students and environment. While working with each organization individually to design a class suitable to their group the following is suggested.

90mins – 120mins divided into two periods with a 15min break.

First period: Applications/self-defense and form. The emphasis will depend upon the maturity of the group and environment. Classes taught to older students and at dance/acting studios  will spend more time on form. With younger students and classes taught at athletic clubs the emphasis will be on applications and self-defense.

Second period: Push-hands. Push-hands is a partner exercise played as a game. It develops root, balance, sensitivity and the ability to neutralize and redirect incoming force. In Taiwan it is played by children as casually as basketball is played in the United States. It is one of Sifu Calum’s hopes to someday train and take a youth team to compete in the world championships in Taiwan.

Relevant Background

From 2007 through 2013 Sifu Douglas-Reid was an instructor at Beginnings residential performing arts workshop ( ) where he taught tai chi to over a thousand children aged eight through twenty-one. He also taught after school programs at The Studio School NY and for University Settlements NYC.

” I highly recommend these classes to ALL young performers and their families. Sifu Douglas-Reid’s knowledge and teaching skills are extraordinary. The benefits of Tai Chi include giving young performers a strong advantage at interviews and auditions in terms of  concentration, mental clarity, self-awareness, and energy”   Peter Sklar. Director Beginnings Workshop.