Sifu Calum Douglas-Reid teaches private, semi-private and group classes and is available for workshops nationally and internationally.

Course Offerings 

  • Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan ( William C.C. Chen’s 60 movements )
  • Push Hands
  • Applications
  • Sparring
  • Yang Style Sword Form
  • Tai Chi Sabre
  • Constant Bear
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Swimming Dragon


  • Private and semi-private basic rate. ( 1-6 students )                $150/hr.  Six sessions $780 ($75 1/2 hr. )
  • One hour chi kung intro. (eight pieces of brocade and constant bear) $120
  • Six hour Tai Chi Fundamentals course.                                          $660  ( $110/hr. )
  • Two hour Chi kung and Intro to Tai Chi Chuan.                          $230  ( $115/hr. )
  • For workshops and classes outside New York City please contact.


Open Classes

At Warrior Bridge

Calum is currently teaching form classes, Wednesdays at 5:45pm and Sundays at 11:45am at Warrior Bridge Dojo located in South Street Sea Port. For details please visit